Food Safety

The HyGeniusâ„¢ Hand-Wash Management System works as an inherent part of your HACCP Plan, providing 24×7 control of food safety in restaurants, hotels, catering, food processing plants, and other key food safety sites. Food Safety is the number one issue facing restaurants and food companies today. According to the American Food and Drug Administration, food borne illness kills more than 9,000 people each year. Over 70% of all outbreaks originate in food service operations and as many as 40% are the result of poor hand-washing and cross-contamination.

The HyGeniusâ„¢ Hand-Wash Management System guarantees total control over employee hand-washing activity on a 24×7 basis. Regular usage reports quickly highlight non-performing employees and provide the ideal tool to give feedback on non-conformance and drive behavior change. The system cannot be fooled or interfered with and acts as a tamper-proof Key Performance Indicator. The HyGeniusâ„¢ helps gain competitive edge in relation to competitors who do not use such a system.

Both customer confidence and health inspector confidence will be increased once the HyGeniusâ„¢ is working for you.

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HyGeniusâ„¢ monitors, records and verifies your employees’ hand-washing activities to meet all regulatory guidelines, including:

Federal, State and Local Health Inspection Standards
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Retail Food Code
Food Safety & Inspection Service (FSIS)
ISO Quality Protocol

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