HyGenius AOP

What is the HyGenius AOP?

The HyGenius A.O.P is a generally accepted alternative to mandatory glove use in foodservice under FDA and State Food Codes (Section 3-301.11 as adopted by each state). The HyGenius A.O.P helps improve food safety, reduce costs, and speed operations.

What is included in the HyGenius AOP?

The HyGenius A.O.P includes:

  • State/Regional Regulatory Approval where required
  • Customized Written HyGenius Alternative Operating Plan
  • HyGenius A.O.P Hand-Washing Management System
  • Automated HyGenius A.O.P Record-Keeping / HACCP Records
  • Customized HyGenius A.O.P Binder and Official Adoption Documentation
  • “Clean Hands” and “Glove Facts” Customer Handouts
  • State/jurisdiction required forms, onlinepharmacytabs notices and certificates
  • CD ROM Videos & Other Supporting Material

Can we stop using gloves altogether?

There are times when it may be necessary to use gloves. An example of this would be when an employee has a cut or wound on their hand.

How much can the HyGenius AOP save?

Average annual savings varies by location depending on the hours of operation, number of employees, and other factors. We would be happy to provide you with a complete cost/savings analysis based on your exact requirements.