HyGenius wins raving reviews …

Endorsements & Testimonials
“I am writing to provide you an update on the HyGenius handwashing program installed in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).”

“We have seen a significant reduction in methicillin resistant staphyloccus aurea colonization (MRSA) since the HyGenius system was installed. This has resulted in significant cost savings re: patient isolation and resultant increased staffing needs.”

“I can highly recommend utilization of the HyGenius system to any patient care unit based on our experience. I strongly believe that nosocomial infection can be greatly impacted upon through effective and consistent use of the HyGenius unit…

I just wish we had gotten the units a long time ago.”

Chief, Section of Neonatology
Department of Pediatrics
[Large Metropolitan Hospital]

“We have been using the HyGenius hand washing system in all our restaurants … since 1998. I was first introduced to the system in April of 2000, when I became Director of Operations.”

“I have been in the restaurant management business for nearly 20 years and in that time one of our biggest challenges (certainly most recently) has been teaching our employees how to wash their hands properly. Before coming to [WF] I was with a large casual dining company that spent 10’s of thousands of dollars in an educational project trying to teach managers and hourly employees the proper procedure for washing thier hands … In my opinion, this was less than successful.”

“With the HyGenius system … I can not only monitor how often team members wash thier hands, but can also rest assured that they are washing them properly. Our policy is for every team member to begin their shift washing their hands at the HyGenius hand washing station, reinforcing at the start of thier day the proper procedure for safe hand washing. I believe this is the best training tool money can buy.”

“I endorse this program, not just as a tool to measure successful hand washes, but also as a tool that trains employess on a daily basis how to wash their hands properly. This combination helps ensure my restaurants are maintaining the highest standards in food sefety and quality.”

D. Ben Kym
Director of Operations

“The HyGenius program is highly effective in achieving proper and frequent hand-washing.”

Donald B. Grim, Vice President , Retired
Corporate Quality Assurance & Food Safety
Marriott International

“I am writing to give you both accolades and a strong endorsement for the HyGenius hand-washing system that I use in the three McDonald’s which I own and operate.”

“First, it has helped improve hand-washing in terms of how often the staff washes and how well they wash. Prior to using the HyGenius, I had tried many different ways to ensure regular washing and reinforce the importance of proper time and technique. Now, I realize what good hand-washing really is!!!”

“Second, the HyGenius is a winner with our Health Department. It not only shows them we are serious about food safety, but shows that we are playing on the same team.”

“Third, the HyGenius really works because it allows us to give regular feedback to the crew on their hand-washing practices. We use the reports to set goals which we can measure and then provide recognition and even incentives.”

“I very strongly recommend the HyGenius.”

Pat Cummings

“The biggest single threat to the financial well-being of a restaurant is not increased competition, a tight labor pool, or even government regulation. It is the threat posed by food-borne illness. A single outbreak of food-borne illness can rob a restaurant of its reputation, subject it to uncontrollable litigation, and send even loyal customers elsewhere. The single most effective step in preventing this restaurateur’s nightmare is frequent hand-washing by food handling employees.”

“One of the RAMW’s primary missions is to protect our members, and the HyGenius system is the most exciting development in foodservice safety in many years.”

Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington

“We have been very happy with the HyGenius hand-washing system as it has helped us achieve the highest standards of food safety and quality in our five restaurants.”

“The hand-washing system allows us to monitor each employees’ hours worked versus the times they have washed their hands. Then we tie it into the sanitation section of their performance review.”

“Our local Health Department loves the system … I wholeheartedly endorse the program.”

David Giarla