Buyer/Management Benefits

User/Employee Benefits

Buyer/Management Benefits

HyGeniusâ„¢ is the total hand-wash solution.

Helps you to continually promote successful hand-washing habits in busy environments.

  • Makes hand-washing a MANAGED PROCESS
  • Key employee activity management tool
  • Assure employee hand-wash compliance 24×7
  • Assure consistent employee hand-wash method
  • Drive behavior change
  • Eliminate a major risk area
  • Reduce Hand wash water usage by >50%
  • Reduce water heating costs
  • Operate in-house best management practice
  • Improved Customer Service
  • HACCP compliant
  • No paperwork
  • Peace of mind
  • Added-value of pro-active risk management
  • Improve Health Inspector relations
  • Use in employee performance appraisals

Don’t you owe it to your customers?


Drive Employee Behavioral Change
The best way to make hand-washing happen is to MEASURE it.

By having realtime hand-washing practice activity reports available, management can, at a glance, see which individual employees are not washing their hands.

When employees know that management is monitoring their hand-washing activities, hand-washing activity WILL increase. As a manager/owner, you owe it to your customers and your business to eliminate the single risk that accounts for over 40% of your in-house risk exposure – SIMPLY BY ENFORCING EMPLOYEE HAND-WASHING PRACTICES.

The HyGeniusâ„¢ is the ideal means of monitoring employee hand-washing activity. The simple to read reports/charts act as a Key Performance Indicator.

As a food sector business you must have a HACCP plan.

  • How do you monitor hand-washing?
  • How do you record activity in relation to Hand-Washing?
  • You must keep records for all Critical Control Points (CCP’s).

The HyGeniusâ„¢ Hand-Wash Management System guarantees complete hand-washing records 24×7.
From a management perspective, without any effort, you are completely HACCP compliant in relation to your hand-Washing CCP requirements (24×7).

How do you enforce hand-washing?

HyGeniusâ„¢ measures who is washing their hands and how often, then automatically delivers usage reports.

HyGeniusâ„¢ brings control to a very high risk Critical Control Point.

Are you happy managing by trust?

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