HyGenius AOP Approved as Alternative to Food Gloves

In a growing number of states across the US, restaurants are required to use single-service gloves and other utensils and avoid bare hand contact with foods. This has added considerable operating costs for foodservice facilities across the country which can be as high as $5,000 per location per year or more for gloves alone. In addition, there is heated national debate as to whether gloves actually serve a beneficial purpose as they tend to actually harbour and help harvest dangerous bacteria.

The HyGenius AOP as approved by the State serves as a prototype which will be specifically customized to a given operation based on the specific menu, food preparation tasks, and staffing.

The HyGenius AOP is available from Compliance Control, Inc. The benefits include improved food safety policies, enhanced employee awareness of food safety risks and how to minimize them, as well as cost savings from reduced glove use.

The HyGenius AOP is also available in Mass., Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Washington*, Delaware, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin, Kansas and others*.

For more information call 800-810-4000 or 301-773-7600 or visit www.hygenius.com.

*Various counties/cities.

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