How it works


  • Uses standard power outlet (115VAC)
  • Uses existing phone line / fax line
  • Includes universal water control solenoids for hot and cold water

Installation Time

  • Less than two hours

HyGeniusâ„¢ quickly connects to any existing hand-wash sink. Plug it into a normal power outlet, an existing phone line, and the HyGeniusâ„¢ system does the rest.

Using HyGeniusâ„¢ is simple. After entering a user/employee number, your employee is prompted through a thorough automated, touchless hand-wash.

Upon completion, the employee waves a hand across the ‘confirm’ sensor on the HyGeniusâ„¢ unit to assure that the hand-wash has been completed. For regularly timed washes throughout the shift/work-day, the HyGeniusâ„¢ ‘Wash-Due’ alert will emit an audible tone on a regular basis and can flash a users ID number if that user has missed a scheduled viagragen hand-wash.

The HyGeniusâ„¢ system prompts each user through a step-by-step quality hand-wash, controling water flow and conserving water.

The system records hand-washing statistics and delivers regular reports for review.

Using this information, you can:
…provide quantifiable hand-washing goals and incentives to staff
…more fully demonstrate compliance with food safety regulations
…improve health inspector relations
…rest assured that you have minimized risk to your customers and your business

1. Enter ID / Wet Hands

Enter ID to activate water.

2. Apply Soap

Apply anti-bacteriological soap to all areas of your hands. Remember to include wrists and between fingers.

3. Lather & Scrub

Carefully scrub including:

  • In between fingers
  • Behind nails
  • Wrists
  • Thumbs

4. Rinse

Rinse off excess soap under the running water.

5. Confirm/Dry

Confirm handwash and dry using paper towels provided.