" Hand-washing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection."
U.S Centers for Disease Control

Food Safety

The HyGeniusâ„¢ Hand-Wash Management System works as an inherent part of your HACCP Plan, providing 24x7 control of food safety in restaurants, hotels, catering, food processing plants, and other key food safety sites. Food Safety is the number...

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Infection Control

HyGeniusMD helps reduce costs, enhance infection control and combat antibiotic resistance in healthcare, including hospitals, nursing & senior living facilities, clinics, and private practice.The 'ABC' of sustained HAI Reduction using HyGenius...

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" The HyGenius Program is highly effective in achieving proper and frequent hand-washing. "

Donald B. Grim, Vice President Marriott International , Retired

" The numbers vary slightly by store, but including managers we average about 1000 hours per week. "

Ed Northorp, Franchisee Burger King Restaurants